My Boys Were Extremely Competitive

When my boys were teenagers, they were pretty rough with one another. They were always trying to outdo one another, much to my fear! We have a 200 acre farm, so there was potential for a lot of trouble with two active and competitive boys. My worst fears came true when they decided to rappel off the barn. My younger son fell when the rope they were using broke free. He insisted he was okay and did not need to see a Santa Barbara chiropractor. I thought that it would be a good idea for him to be checked out since he fell on his back but he refused, insisting that he was okay.

Later that evening, he walked slowly into the kitchen. I could tell that he was in a lot of pain, so I was really glad that I had already called and scheduled an appointment for the next morning. I knew that he was not seriously injured because he had bounced right back up after landing with a thud on the ground. But, just because I knew that he had not broken anything did not mean that there was not something wrong.

The next morning, I waited patiently while the chiropractor did an examination. It turns out that my son was mostly bruised, but he still had an adjustment done that day. He was also given some stretching exercises to do at home, and the chiropractor wanted to do a second adjustment in three days. It was hard to keep my son from playing rough with his brother because he was feeling so good after that visit, but somehow I managed it. I ended up taking both boys to the next appointment because my older son wanted to get an adjustment too since his younger brother kept taunting him with how good he felt afterwards. I am so glad those days are long gone!

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