I Believe in Chiropractic Care Now

After a lot of thought and consideration, I finally decided to see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills. I am one of those people who used to be skeptical of chiropractic care, but that is not because I had any knowledge of the field itself. If I had, I would have certainly had different views. I was just old school, and I figured that if my doctor could not fix something, then it was just not going to be fixed. Well, my doctor did tell me that he could help me with the lower back pain I had, but I was not too excited about what he wanted to do.

He said there was nothing short of surgery that could help me, and he was not even certain that would give me much relief. He also advised that it could potentially cause the pain to be worse, though that outcome was not likely. I did not want to tempt fate though, so I asked what the other options were. He told me that he could give me a prescription for pain meds, but I was not keen on that idea either. I know the more a person takes, the less effective the same dose has over time.

He said another option was visiting a chiropractor, which was not anything I had ever considered for this pain, even though their specialty is anything to do with the spine. I decided to finally give that a go, since it seemed the only viable option other than just living with the pain. Well, to make a long story short, the chiropractor was able to fix me up in no time. I had to go for nearly a month, but it was just two to three times a week. After having different things done at the chiropractor’s office, I didn’t feel even a twinge of pain. I am a believer now!

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