The Reason I Went to the Chiropractor’s Office

Getting old is not fun at all. I doubt that there is a person who gets excited past their 25th birthday because all the milestones are gone. There are definitely memorable moments like marriages and children, but physically getting older can be tough on a body. I have always taken care of myself because I just was raised that way, but that didn’t exempt me from feeling the years on my body. I discovered not that long ago that regular visits to a chiropractor in San Francisco can really go a long way in helping a person feel better, regardless of age.

I was not extremely excited about going to the chiropractor for my fist visit. I did not feel that there was anything wrong with me, so it just seemed silly that I was going to a doctor. I did not even equate that I do that anyway with my wellness visits as well as my annual checkups and twice a year cleanings at my dentist’s office. I just figured that the only reason someone would go to the chiropractor’s office is because there was something wrong with them. Images of car accident victims or people who fell down the steps are what came to my mind when I pictured the waiting room.

I was going just because my sister was dragging me there as part of her newest fad. She is always trying something new, and she usually tries to involve either me or one of our other sisters, if not all of us. I drew the short straw on this one, but it actually turned out to be a blessing. I had an adjustment done that day, and I felt so amazing afterwards. I learned a lot on why this is important for everyone to do, and it definitely was not my last visit there. I want to feel this good all the time!

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